Spotted Lanternfly: Spot it? Snap it, Catch It and Report It

The Canada Food Inspection Agency is asking for the trucking industry’s help and vigilance in guarding against a potential invasive species.

The Spotted Lanternfly has not yet been confirmed in Canada, but the agency anticipates it is a matter of when, not if, it arrives.  The spotted lanternfly is present in several US States, including those that border Canada such as New York and Michigan and adult insects are very active in those areas at this time of year.  Transportation corridors are a key pathway for movement of this pest as it is an excellent hitchhiker. As such, they can inadvertently get on or into conveyances, containers and cargo moving from infested states into Canada.

Because the OTA and the Canadian Trucking Alliance are well positioned to assist with prevention and early detection of spotted lanternfly, CFIA is asking members to distribute material to help workers and drivers be aware of this pest, look for signs of it on vehicles, equipment and conveyances and removing any detections prior to entering Canada.

If anyone thinks they have detected spotted lanternfly in Canada CFIA asks they take a picture of it, catch it in a secure container and immediately contact their local CFIA office to report it.

See this spotted lanternfly infographic spotted-lanternfly_public and this resource webpage and share among your staff and drivers to raise awareness of this pest and help with prevention, detection and response efforts.

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