Regulatory Reform for Air Brake Endorsements Being Rolled Out

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) today announced to industry stakeholders it is moving forward with an online air brake learning module for air brake (Z) endorsement holders.

The decision was applauded by the Ontario Trucking Association, which says the move is supported by most truck drivers and fleets, providing them with more flexible, modernized options for drivers to renew air brake endorsements on existing licences. The new options are also expected to improve truck driver retention and support, while reducing red tape for drivers and operators.

The air brake learning module will be designed specifically for drivers and focus on the knowledge and skills air brake endorsement holders must have to safely operate a vehicle with air brakes. The module will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The program only affects air brake renewals and does not in any way change testing requirements for drivers to receive a licence.

“OTA strongly supports this first step towards regulatory reform, which will be most welcomed by our professional driving community,” said James Steed, chair of the OTA.

MTO further elaborated that the leaning modules will be implemented initially for Driver Certification Program (DCP) organizations and subsequently for all air brake holders. Implementing the learning module first with DCP organizations allows for the gradual introduction of the air brake learning module in a controlled environment. The ministry will work with DCP organizations to obtain valuable feedback and make necessary updates before introducing the learning module to all air brake holders. Once fully implemented for all air brake holders, the air brake learning module can be accessed by air brake holders at any time, from any location.

OTA continues to encourage the industry to participate in its social media campaign designed to raise awareness at Queen’s Park for our strong support of this initiative.

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