Police Remind Truckers to be on High Alert for Cargo Crime

As cargo crime incidents rise during the Holiday season, police are urging motor carriers and others in the supply chain to be on high alert for increased suspicious activity related to freight.

According to York Regional Police, the latest trend this holiday season is a rise in fictitious “double brokering” of freight.  One common example:

Carrier A (legitimate) has freight to move.

Carrier A identifies a partner to assist with freight movement, Carrier B (illegitimate).

Carrier B brokers freight movement to Carrier C (legitimate).

Carrier C picks up freight on behalf of Carrier A, but unknowingly delivers to fictitious address as provided by Carrier B (illegitimate).

Legitimate receiver never does receive freight, but as a result of reduced holiday hours, etc. the shipment is not identified as missing for days, possibly weeks and is long gone.

York Region law enforcement is asking highway carriers to follow up with receivers to ensure freight has been delivered.  Should freight not arrive at the expected receiver within reasonable timeframes, allowing for inclement road and weather conditions, carriers are asked to:

Call local law enforcement in jurisdiction where the freight was picked up; and provide details in e-mail to Scott Creswell, York Regional Police  at 1348@yrp.ca and cc: cargocrime@cantruck.ca.

OTA would also like to take this opportunity to remind carriers of the CTA-IBC Reporting form for cargo theft and crime, available by clicking here.

By reporting crime and theft, CTA and IBC are able to disseminate information to law enforcement nationwide and collect necessary data to identify trends such as indicated in this message.

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