Permits for Extended Length B-trains Now Available From MTO

(Jan.12, 2015) — As previously reported by OTA, MTO committed to offering carriers permits for extended length b-trains commencing in January 2015.    Carriers wishing to apply for permits are encouraged to visit MTO’s website ( and should contact the MTO permit office for more details.

The benefits associated with this configuration include: the ability to accommodate emission reduction technologies mandated by Environment Canada for all heavy diesel trucks; the accommodation of more appropriate sleeper berths to effectively manage hours of service compliance; and the installation of animal strike devices to protect both truck drivers and other road users. Details of the configuration are below.

The extended tractor b-train double trailer must meet all Safe, Productive, Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) requirements, except with overall length of 27.5 metres. The tractor wheelbase also has a maximum of 6.8 metres.  For this configuration as tractor wheel-base increases, it is offset by reducing the sum of the trailer wheelbases according to the following trade-off table.  There is no change in the 20 metre box length limit for the configuration. This formula allows the configuration to turn within the same space as a regular tractor single semi-trailer configurations.

B-Ttrain Permit dimensions

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