Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations (2014)

The federal government has introduced proposed changes to the  Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations (2014).

 According to the government release, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) is proposing changes to better ensure the safe and efficient transport of nuclear substances throughout Canada and internationally.

CNSC is proposing to:

  • Align with the latest edition of the IAEA Regulations.
  • To use an ambulatory reference to the IAEA Regulations (i.e. as amended from time to time) instead of a static reference. In order to accommodate this, the PTNSR will no longer be referring to specific paragraphs of the IAEA Regulations; consequently, provisions for the implementation period of any particular amendment of the IAEA Regulations have been included in the proposed PTNSR (2014).

Other highlights of the PTNSR (2014) are modifications in order to clarify:

  • the requirements for the radiation protection programs for consignors, carriers and consignees;
  • the requirements for the transport of large objects; the reporting requirements for events during transport;
  • the requirements for the transport of waste shipments containing unidentified radioactive material.

CTA has until the middle of September to respond to these regulatory proposals. To assist CTA in its response, the Alliance would like to hear from carriers impacted by these changes. Interested carriers should contact CTA’s by July 18, 2014.  CTA will then convene a conference call of these carriers to discuss the proposed changes and the industry’s responses to these changes.

For complete details of the regulatory proposals please see the June 28th Canada Gazette I information here.

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