Over Half of Diesel Trucks on the Road are ‘Near-Zero’ Emissions: Report

The number of new ‘near-zero-emissions’ diesel trucks on the road increased 10.2% between 2021 and 2022, according to the Diesel Technology Forum. These are trucks using advanced diesel technology manufactured in the 2010 and later model years.

According HDT, DTF’s analysis of S&P Global Mobility TIPNet Vehicles in Operation Data as of December 2022, diesel dominates the trucking sector, and the population of near-zero-emissions diesel technology trucks is growing:

  • They make up 57% of all commercial diesel trucks (Class 3-8) on the roads today. These trucks are equipped with particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR) that achieve near-zero levels of emissions. That’s a 10.2% increase in one year (2022 vs. 2021).
  • 65.7% of all commercial diesel trucks (Class 3-8) on the road are 2007 and newer and are equipped with particulate filters so they achieve near-zero emissions for particulates.

“I’ve had a great opportunity to watch diesel’s trajectory from the late ’80s to where we are today,” Allen Schaeffer, DTF executive director, told HDT Equipment Editor Jim Park. “It’s been fantastic watching the technology evolve. We’re all reaping the benefits of cleaner air.”

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