OTA Update: Region of Peel Exempts Trucking from COVID Five-Plus Workplace Order

(TORONTO, April 21, 2021) — Peel Public Health issued a statement yesterday that the region would be updating Section 22 Order on workplaces, which would direct all businesses with five or more cases of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days to close for 10 days where: The cases could have reasonably acquired their infection at work, or obvious source of infection has been identified outside of the workplace.

All affected employees would have to self-isolate and would not be permitted to work in any other workplace. However, Peel did say it was considering exempting certain businesses “essential to the well-being of the community”. Late last night, the Region released its Section 22 guidance and outlined critical infrastructure exempt sectors, which includes transportation, OTA confirmed.

OTA thanks all members from the Peel Region for providing OTA with critical information and for championing our sector as an essential service in the local and international supply chain, as well as the region’s medical office, which has been a tremendous supporter in helping guide our sector through the COVID-19 crisis.

OTA will continue to work with the City of Toronto officials, who also stated yesterday they would introduce a similar measure but have yet to determine the direction and list any industries which would be exempt.

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