OTA Supports Legislation to Ban Road Toll’s & Freeze License Fees


Ontario’s Minister of Transportation, the Honourable Prabmeet Sarkaria, announced today the Government of Ontario is introducing legislation that would ban tolls on provincial highways.

If passed, this ban would apply to the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway once uploaded to the province, as well as the province’s 400-series highways.

“Our government under the leadership of Premier Ford is on a mission to keep costs down for families and businesses,” said Sarkaria. “First, we scrapped the tolls on Highways 412 and 418, now we’re protecting drivers from the costs of new tolls. Together with our cut in the gas tax and eliminating the licence plate sticker fee, we’re saving drivers hundreds of dollars every year.”

The Ontario Trucking Association applauded the announcement.

“Roads are an investment in the supply chain. The trucking industry – through provincial and federal fuel taxes, federal carbon taxes, provincial registration and permit fees – is already contributing a major portion of the revenues the province of Ontario invests in road infrastructure. The trucking industry greatly appreciates this legislation, which is a recognition that all road users, including the commercial trucking industry, already pay their fair share of road investment,” said Stephen Laskowski, President & CEO of the OTA. “This type of legislative measure is something all governments should be looking at to control inflation and help the entire supply chain and families reduce their costs. Preventing future governments from arbitrarily placing tolls on the supply chain without due diligence and consultation is a measure welcomed by the OTA.”

These measures are part of upcoming legislation that will kick-off the spring sitting of the legislature on February 20, 2024. The Get It Done Act will include a variety of measures that, if passed, would build on the government’s commitments to streamline approvals for major infrastructure projects and housing, keep costs down for people and businesses, and support economic growth for long-term prosperity.

With Ontario’s population expected to grow by five million people over the next decade, the province is moving forward with building Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass. These highways will bring relief to one of the most congested corridors in North America, helping commuters save 30 minutes a trip so they can spend time doing what matters most to them.

OTA recently provided commentary on the importance of building the 413.

To read the full details of today’s announcement including the license fee freeze please click here.


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