OTA Provides input on Municipal Speed, Red Light Enforcement Programs

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) recently provided input to the Regulatory Registry on enhancing road safety through automated speed enforcement (ASE).

As a strong advocate of improving commercial vehicle safety, the association supports using modern enforcement technology to monitor speed in high-risk collision areas within municipalities.

OTA also favours the ministry’s proposal to streamline the regulatory approval process for accepting municipalities into Ontario’s Red Light Camera Program (RLC) program.

“In an age where there are limited funds available to increase enforcement personnel, we believe that technology, when properly applied in certain conditions, can help improve road safety for all vehicle users,” said OTA, senior VP, Policy, Geoff Wood.

While it’s understood municipalities will be fully responsible for administering their own automated speed enforcement (ASE) programs within their respective jurisdictions, OTA is reminding that when it comes to trucks and trailers, the front licence plate should be photographed since in many cases the owner of the trailer is not the owner of the tractor pulling the trailer.

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