OTA LEAD Committee Sets Priorities for 2017


OTA’s LEAD Committee met for the first time in 2017 to discuss setting committee priorities and goals for the next calendar year. Among the suggestions brought forward was the introduction of a social or networking component for young professionals in the trucking industry.

LEAD[1]The event would take place in a casual setting and be used for like-minded individuals in the industry to network, exchange ideas and build business relationships. A potential date for the event has been discussed for April or May of 2017, with further details being released by the committee in the coming weeks.

In an effort to better understand what young professionals in the trucking industry value in the workplace, the LEAD committee discussed the development of an industry survey developed for both employers and employees. Still in early stages of development, the survey would explore values which are important to youth in the trucking industry, and what measures, if any, employers were taking to retain their future leaders.

The committee also discussed the pending launch of the fourth year of the Next Generation Certificate program and the newly developed OTA-SEEC Leaders Certificate program with York University. Both four-day programs, aimed at developing leadership and communication skills among youth in the industry, are set to begin on March 9.

For more information on the LEAD committee, Next Generation or OTA-SEEC programs, please contact OTA’s Lak Shoan at lak.shoan@, or committee Co-Chair’s John Foss at jfoss@trailcon.com or Ryan Tilley at rtilley@tandet.com.

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