Are You Ready to LEAD? OTA Announces LEAD Committee Team Members and Co-Chairs


OTA is announcing the founding members of OTA’s new LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) committee. Serving for a two-year term, the committee will be responsible for creating strategies to engage young professionals in the trucking industry and develop educational and outreach programs falling under the newly branded LEAD umbrella.

Committee members were selected based on their participation in OTA’s Next Generation Certificate program, employment with an OTA member in good standing, and approval through an OTA executive process.

The inaugural meeting of the LEAD committee took place on February 3. A mandate was established to “drive awareness, engage, inspire and develop the next generation of young professionals in the trucking industry.”

The meeting was led by OTA executive member David Carruth, CEO, Ontario New-England Express Inc. Carruth will sit on the LEAD Committee as a mentor to the group and was excited by what he heard.

“My initial meeting with the group leads me to believe the industry is well-stocked with bright individuals who are willing to invest in themselves through continued education and personal development to become better leaders, and to encourage other young talent to do the same,” he said.

Duties of the committee will include reporting to the OTA Board on LEAD committee initiatives, organizing LEAD social and networking events, and developing outreach strategies to engage up-and-coming managers and executives in the industry.

Committee Co-Chairs were selected following the inaugural meeting by fellow LEAD committee team members. Ryan Tilley of the Tandet Group was selected as a carrier representative, and John Foss of Trailcon Leasing Inc. was chosen to represent supplier members.

“I am truly excited to be a part of the LEAD committee,” says Tilley. “This group signals a clear commitment from both carrier partners and allied trades on the educational development of their future leaders. We have a great team that is engaged in the continued development of a program that focuses on improving both leadership and business skills.”

Added John Foss:  “The LEAD committee will implement a collaborative design model which will ensure that the program will hit the mark with topics and content. The committee will work together to build our Next Gen program to be a comprehensive plan to engage emerging leaders. We want to attract, develop and promote young leaders in our industry and the OTA.”

The committee’s immediate focus will be on developing branding and marketing strategies for LEAD Executive education programs and introducing a revamped follow-up program to OTA’s hugely successful Next Generation Certificate program. Details of a new sequel program will be announced in the coming months.

Congratulations to the members of the 2016-2018 OTA LEAD Committee:

Committee Co-Chairs:

  • John Foss, Account Manager, Trailcon Leasing Inc.
  • Ryan Tilley, Operations Manager, Tandet Group

OTA Board Representative and LEAD Mentor:

  • David Carruth, CEO, Ontario New-England Express Inc.

LEAD Committee Members:

  • Sue Ann Corrighan, Manager Credit and Collections, Tandet Group
  • Laura Davis, Account Manager, TransCore Link Logistics
  • Cody Hall, Operations, J&R Hall Transport
  • Lance LePage, Operations Manager, Harland Veinotte Ltd.
  • Joe Lombardo, Director, Transportation and Terminals Operations, Purolator Inc.
  • Alex MacKinnon, Chief Operating Officer, MacKinnon Transport
  • Tyler Markle, Operations Supervisor, Premier Bulk Systems
  • Jacquie Meyers, President, Meyers Transport
  • Liam O’Briain, District Manager, Kee Human Resources
  • Reagan Seymour, Dispatch/Planner, Kriska Transportation
  • Joel Shaw, Truck Sales Manager, Navistar Canada
  • Melissa Skelton, Director of Operations, Skelton Truck Lines

For more information about the LEAD committee, or for program information related to Next Generation, please contact Lak Shoan at lak.shoan@

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