OTA Council Summit Will Educate, Give Carriers a Voice on Policy


The trucking industry is constantly evolving. Are your day-to-day policies and strategies on par with global industry leaders? On June 22, OTA’s four new pillar trucking councils come together under one roof in Toronto to help make your company more efficient and profitable.

The OTA Council Summit at the International Plaza Hotel is a mega, interactive education and networking event dealing with vital industry issues of safety/freight policy, labour, customs and cargo security.

The four newly-formed OTA councils – Compliance and Freight Policy Council, Cross-Border Council, People, Planning and Development Council and the Cargo Crime Council – will host concurrent sessions that will identify key trends transforming the industry, such as technical standards, rules and regulations, emerging equipment and new technologies. Attendees will be encouraged to take part in an open discussion on current issues and industry best practices, which will help OTA shape future policy.

The only cost  to attend the Council Summit is a $50 networking lunch fee. All attendees from each council session will join up with industry peers for an open networking lunch, which will be headlined by OTA CEO David Bradley as the keynote speaker.

Registration starts at 9 am, followed by meetings beginning at 10 am. Please see the attached info brochure for full Summit details.

The event is open to OTA carrier members and non-member carriers along with OTA-member suppliers.

To register click here.  A complete list of agendas to date for each council can be reviewed here: Council Summit List of Agendas_public

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