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OTA Chair Steed Profiled by TT During 110 Anny

Today’s Trucking dedicated a generous profile to Steed Standard Transport president and OTA Chair James Steed this week.

The family-run fleet was celebrating its 110the anniversary.

From Today’s Trucking:

The Stratford, Ont., company has been in business since 1913, when entrepreneur James “Scotty” Hamilton transported coal, wood, and passengers with a horse and wagon.

SST presently has a lot more horsepower under its hood, using its 42 power units to haul more than 100 trailers in Canada and the U.S. A couple of straight trucks are also in the mix. The carrier services a small client base with a dedicated fleet hauling truckload and less than truckload freight.

“We like to forge relationships with clients who are not shopping for the lowest price. We focus on the quality of service,” Steed says.

Looking back at the company’s history, Steed said his great-grandfather Hamilton, who was a WWI veteran, renamed the company Standard Transport in 1927.

In 1939, Hamilton invited his eldest daughter, Helene, and her husband, Gordon E. Steed, to help work for the business. Hamilton died in 1945, and the couple became the second-generation owners of the company.

Their son Gordon J. Steed joined the company as a truck driver in 1956. In 1966, he and his wife Elaine bought the company from his parents and renamed it Steed Standard Transport

Full Profile here.

Photo Credit: Today’s Trucking 

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