OTA Chair Calls for Supply Chain Discussion on Impact of Carbon Tax


As the federal policy on carbon pricing is set to take effect on April 1, trucking companies will face an additional 5.37 cents a litre in carbon taxes on all diesel fuel consumed in Ontario. Ontario Trucking Association chairman David Carruth is calling on all members of the supply chain to sit down and have individual discussions on the rising costs associated with this issue.

“With close to three quarters of a billion dollars being taken out of the long-haul trucking sector as a result of the carbon tax over the 2019-2022 period, it is time for members of the supply chain to understand the potential impact of these costs,” said OTA Chair David Carruth.

OTA is sharing with the business community an educational document (OTA Supply Chain Guide to Understanding Carbon Pricing Taxes_public) highlighting the impact of the carbon tax on the trucking industry.

“I encourage everyone in the supply chain to review this document, which illuminates the operational realities of our sector and helps all businesses understand trucking companies’ micro and macro-economic concerns about the carbon pricing system,” Carruth said.

The OTA document highlights cost factors impacting the trucking industry and the impact of these costs on the supply chain.

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