OTA Backs Bill Paving the Way for Off-Peak Deliveries in T.O.

Appearing before Ontario’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs to discuss Bill 215 – Main Street Recovery Act 2020, Supporting Off-Peak Delivery, the Ontario Trucking Association expressed its support for MPP Prabmeet Sarkaria’s efforts to reduce red tape and streamline regulations to make the movement of goods throughout the supply chain more effective.

“Bill 215 is yet another example of Associate Minister Sarkaria’s commitment toward delivering regulatory adjustments that will make this province more competitive by introducing a measure that will allow the supply chain, servicing the City of Toronto, to strongly consider off-peak delivery,” said Stephen Laskowski, OTA president,

Laskowski said the measure could divert commercial traffic servicing City of Toronto businesses to service hours when roads are less congested and commuter traffic is lighter. In turn, this could lead to reduced transit times, greenhouse gas emissions, and the reduction in the probability of vehicle collisions involving commercial vehicles.

OTA cited two been two off-peak delivery pilots in Ontario – a six-week, MTO-led pilot during the 2015 PanAm Games, which included 40 municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area and a six-month Peel Region pilot in 2019, which included Mississauga and Brampton – that produced positive results and saw a noticeable decrease in average trip times for trucks.

Although off-peak delivery poses new considerations for the supply chain in the private sector to resolve from a business-to-business perspective, the passing Bill 215 will now allow the supply chain to explore all the benefits and opportunities for off-peak delivery within Toronto, says Laskowski.

“Supply chain partners will now have an opportunity to deliver a more effective delivery system that could make Ontario businesses more effective and competitive while reducing emissions and our roads less congested and potentially safer,” he added.

In closing, Laskowski also thanked the Government of Ontario for its support for the trucking sector throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

“Bill 215 is yet another example of this leadership and support.”


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