Ontario Trucking Association Encourages Truckers and Cyclists to Share the Road Safely


The Ontario Trucking Association says some recent high profile incidents involving trucks and cyclists reinforce the need for all types of road users — commercial and passenger vehicle operators, cyclists and pedestrians – that safety is everyone’s responsibility.  With more and more Ontarians choosing to cycle to work all road users need to learn how to share the road with different types of vehicles in a safe manner.

“Mobility challenges in our cities are increasing,” says OTA CEO, David Bradley. “The urban population is growing rapidly which is creating more traffic and more frequent interactions between different types of vehicles.

“More people are turning to bicycles as a form of transportation,” he says. “The inclusion of bike lanes and the promotion of cyclist-friendly strategies is a reality that truck and passenger vehicle operators must respect when travelling in urban locations. But also, cyclists must understand and learn that sharing the road with commercial vehicles on urban streets requires special consideration.”

To assist in this education and awareness process OTA has produced a video that features a professional truck driver who is also an avid cyclist sharing safety tips on how to better share the road. 

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