Ontario Highway Speed Increase Has No Application to Heavy Truck Speeds


The Government of Ontario announced today that sections of Ontario’s highways will be increased by 10 km/h – from 100 km/h to 110 km/h – effective this July. This follows up on a pilot project the province launched on other stretches of Ontario highways in 2019.

These increased speed limits do not apply to heavy commercial vehicles with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating over 11,794 kg operating on these highways. Heavy commercial vehicles are mandated to have installed speed limiters set at 105 km/h.

OTA and MTO are committed to maintaining and improving the safety performance of commercial vehicles and will be working in partnership this summer to ensure heavy commercial vehicles are following the speed governing requirements in place since 2009 in Ontario.

The full list of areas where speed limits are increased for vehicles with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating under 11,794 kilograms are set out below:

  • Highway 401
    • At Tilbury, extending the existing 110 km/h zone further east by 7 km
    • From Hwy 35/115 to Cobourg (approximately 35 km)
    • From Colborne to Belleville (approximately 44 km)
    • From Belleville to Kingston (approximately 66 km)
    • From Hwy 16 to the Quebec boundary (approximately 107 km)
  • Highway 403
    • From Woodstock to Brantford (approximately 26 km)
    • From Brantford to Hamilton (approximately 14.5 km)
  • Highway 406 from Thorold to Welland (approximately 13 km)
  • Highway 416 from Hwy 401 to Ottawa (approximately 70 km)
  • Highway 69 from Sudbury to French River (approximately 60 km)
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