NTW Profile: Richard Maskaleut, Regional truck driver 

This is one as Today’s Trucking, in partnership with the Canadian Trucking Alliance and Ontario Trucking Association published a series of profiles with industry frontline workers to celebrate National Trucking Week, Sept. 5-11.

Richard Maskaleut, Regional truck driver, Robert Group  

courtesy Today’s Trucking

What is the biggest challenge the trucking industry faces today?

The industry is experiencing a huge labor shortage. There is a huge shortage of truck drivers, mechanics, and workers in many other positions in the industry.

Our biggest challenge is to convince the youth who will be our future successors, the not-so-young as well as all the other men and women. In fact, the challenge is to convince anyone who might be interested in becoming part of the wonderful world of trucking.

Why do you think the trucking industry should be celebrated?

As you all know, for the past year and a half we have been in the midst of a global pandemic. No one ever saw this storm coming. But we in the trucking industry have never given up on the public. All of us in the trucking industry worked together to make sure that people had everything they needed, and we never stopped operating. And that’s all thanks to the trucking industry as a whole. We must therefore say a big thank you to all the truckers, mechanics, forklift operators, dispatchers and others who are part of the industry, for their dedication to this cause.

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