NRCan Launches New Repower and Replace Program to Decarbonize Fleets

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has launched stream two of the Green Freight Program (GFP), called Repower and Replace, which allows companies to receive up to 50% of the total project costs (up to a maximum of $5 million) per company, per project, on fuel repower and engine conversions, or for the purchase of low carbon alternative fuel trucks.

More details about the program, including how to apply and eligibility can be found here.

The Government of Canada previously announced an investment of $199.6M over five years for the new Green Freight Program. The program will help truck fleets reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions by providing financial assistance towards fleet energy assessments, truck and trailer retrofits, and the purchase of low-carbon vehicles, among other activities.

Stream 1 of the GFP was launched in December 2022, and provides funding towards fleet energy assessments and truck and trailer retrofits. Fleets can visit the GFP Stream 1 website for more information on how to take advantage of the program.

Trucking operators are also encouraged to take advantage of Transport Canada’s incentives for medium-and heavy-duty zero-emission program (iMHZEV), which will provide about 50 percent of the cost difference between traditional diesel vehicle and a zero-emission alternative to assist trucking fleets in reducing their carbon footprint.

Fleets that are looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint and take advantage of rebates, incentives and other opportunities can also visit the Government of Canada’s zero-emission vehicle website for an overview of what’s available.

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