New OTA Convention Speaker: Bonnie Brooks

Amanda Lindhout, New York Times bestselling author and Expert on resilience, survival, and optimal mindset, has been added to the dynamic speaker lineup at the 93rd annual OTA executive conference (Nov. 6-7). She replaces Bonnie Brooks, who had to cancel.  

In 2008, Amanda Lindhout travelled to Somalia — a country often called “the most dangerous place on earth”. Abducted by a group of masked men along a dusty road, Amanda was held hostage for 460 days, and survived on her strategy, fortitude, and hope in the face of unimaginable adversity. Her unique experiences lend to important issues such as women’s rights, resilience, politics, and counter-terrorism. Her tale of survival builds suspense and momentum to reveal life changing insights into mind conditioning, including actionable takeaways about reframing stories of pain into power.

A bestselling author, Amanda’s multiple-award-winning memoir of her experience in Somalia, A House in the Sky, has been on The Globe and Mail’s “Top Ten Bestsellers” list since its release in 2013. The book is now being developed into a Hollywood motion picture by heavyweight production company Annapurna Pictures (Zero Dark Thirty, Her, American Hustle, Joy, Foxcatcher) with two-times Oscar-nominated actress Rooney Mara playing the role of Amanda. 

Amanda is a sought after, internationally renowned speaker who is trusted by big brands to deliver a life-changing, transformational keynote experience. She has presented to audiences of all sizes — from Richard Branson’s living room to an arena of 20,000 — and she always creates intimacy with the women and men in the room through her emotional, powerful storytelling. 

She also regularly appears in the media, having been featured in Vogue, New York Times magazine, Dateline, The Today Show, Morning Joe and Anderson Cooper among others.

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