NACFE Fleet Run Looks at Diverse Electric Truck Applications, Capabilities

Thirteen truck fleets across the U.S. and Canada in a wide array of applications will begin running their electric trucks in a brand-new scientific and engineering evaluation event called Run on Less Electric, reports Jack Roberts in Today’s Trucking.

The project, run by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), takes a look at electric trucks to determine just how efficient they can be for fleets in a variety of common trucking applications.

“Our goal here is pretty simple,” NACFE executive director Mike Roeth told attendees at a press conference on the ACT Expo. “We are going to move freight in the real world, using real truck drivers to try and understand both where we are currently with electric trucks, and where we’re headed.”

“The trucks we’ll be studying are running across a wide spectrum of common medium-duty applications that are particularly suited to electric vehicle technology as it exists today,” he explained. “This ranges from yard tractors — which I really did not know much about, despite my many years in this industry — to medium duty box trucks and vans, to larger Classes 7 and 8 trucks engaged in short, local and regional haul routes.”

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