MTO Releases Draft Training Standard for Class A Mandatory Entry-Level Training


A formal announcement regarding the introduction of mandatory entry-level training (MELT) for Class A drivers in Ontario is expected this spring or early summer. In advance of this announcement, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has released a draft training standard for public comment by May 13. OTA members are encouraged to review the document and submit comments to the association by clicking here.

OTA has been a driving force behind the introduction of MELT with the goal to raise the quality of entry level candidates entering our sector. An OTA member committee comprised of over two dozen carriers played a significant role in providing content for this document over the last 36 months. A number of training schools and other transportation related organizations also provided input into the document. Broad support for the draft MELT training standard is strong based among carriers of all sizes and driving schools.

It is expected that in July 2016 the MELT standard and supportive regulations will be put in place, with a one-year transition allowing for carriers and driving schools to adjust their driver certification programs and/or entry-level training program for the new MELT standard. An OTA committee is working on the revised DCP program.

The public release of this draft MELT training standard signals the end of the status quo for how entry level drivers are trained and recruited into our industry. OTA has organized two seminars in cooperation with MTO as part of the OTA Council Summit on June 22 to help the industry understand how this change will impact them and what carriers can do to prepare for this new environment. To register for this event click here.

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