MTO Approves Reg Change for Smart Lift Axles on Trailers and Longer Tractors with Multi-Axle Trailers

Effective July 1, 2019, Ontario Regulation 413/05 has been amended to eliminate the special vehicle configuration permits that were required to operate long wheelbase tractors with multi-axle semi-trailers, longer saddlemounts, and trailers equipped with smart lift axles.

“OTA has been working with MTO to address the use of longer tractors on multi-axle semi-trailers and the use of smart lift axles on semi-trailers. The speed at which the Government of Ontario and the policy team at MTO was able to address these regulatory changes is fantastic and adds additional menu options for fleets in spec’ing tractors and trailers,” said Geoff Wood, OTA’s senior vice president, Policy.

Earlier this spring MTO posted a series of proposals to the Regulatory Register and in less than a few months they have moved forward. The announced changes continue to strike a balance between safety, productivity and the protection of infrastructure while accommodating technological advances in truck and trailer equipment technology.

“The ability for the segment of the industry operating multi-axle semi-trailers to spec longer tractors allows for environmental equipment (after exhaust treatment and APUs) without compromising fuel capacity or necessary space for tools and accessorial equipment and larger sleeper berths is a positive development,” added Wood. “Equally beneficial are allowances now for smart lift axles on all SPIF semi-trailers. Combined, we have a regulatory change that further enhances the province’s commitment to GHG reduction and the health and wellness of professional truck operators.”

Additional modifications to the regulations will also allow for:

  • The same tire weight allowance extended to wide-based single tires as to dual tires when mounted on single axles;
  • Loading of boats in stinger-steer auto carriers under the same weight and dimensional limits;
  • Modifying the conditions to allow the use of an Emergency Lift Axle Override, so to lift the self-steering axle in emergency situations improving the general safety operation of the truck.

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Additional references to regulation 228/19, which includes the specific details for smart lift axles and longer tractor that will be incorporated into the SPIF Regulation can be found by clicking here 


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