MTO Announces Start of 60-foot Semitrailer Program


(TORONTO, June 25, 2024) – The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) officially launched its extended semi-trailer program.   

In communications received by OTA, MTO stated the program will operate under MTO’s Special Vehicle Configurations (SVC) permit regime.

Highlights of the permit program provided by MTO include: 

  • Special Vehicle Configuration permits will be released under the Extended Semitrailer Program for the use of semitrailers up to 18.44 m (60 ft 6 in) while pulled by a tractor with a wheelbase of between 5.0 and 5.5 metres (197 and 216.5 inches).
  • Carriers new to the program will be limited to four (4) permits for their first year of safe operations with the number of permits increasing annually on a set schedule. 
  • Carriers who have been operating Extended Semitrailers as part of the previous trial operation will be allotted the number of available permits based on their years of experience operating within the trial. 
  • Program participants are required to maintain a record of each trip, submitting monthly trip report data electronically to MTO. 
  • Permits will automatically become null and void if a permit holder’s Carrier Safety Record falls to ‘Conditional’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’.
  • MTO reserves the right to suspend one or more of a carrier’s permits or permit privileges for breach of any permit condition, non-compliance with Program Conditions or non-compliance with the Highway Traffic Act.   

Carriers interested in learning more about the opportunity to participate in MTO’s latest program are strongly encouraged to review the complete details of the Extended Semitrailer Program Conditions click here

Information on permit applications and additional background can also be found here.

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