Manitoulin Transport Awarded 2024 Northbridge Insurance Transportation Safety Award


Manitoulin Transport has received the prestigious 2024 Transportation Safety Award from Northbridge Insurance.  The winning carrier is benchmarked against hundreds of other fleets for its industry-leading safety practices.

The National Winner must have an exceptional track record in crash trends, collisions per million miles, proactive industry involvement, and a company-wide commitment to safety. “At Manitoulin Transport, safety is paramount in everything we do,” said Jeff King, President of Manitoulin Transport. Receiving the 2024 Transportation Safety Award reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards across all facets of our operations. This could not have been possible without the efforts and commitment of drivers and staff.” 

“Manitoulin Transport’s comprehensive safety initiatives, including advanced training programs, rigorous compliance protocols, state-of-the-art technology integration, and proactive risk management strategies are not just measures. They are initiatives that mitigate potential hazards, and foster a culture of accountability and responsibility at every level of the organization,” said Mario Da Silva, Corporate Fleet Safety & Risk Manager at Manitoulin Transport. 

As a recipient of the 2024 Transportation Safety Award, Manitoulin Transport furthersolidifies its position as a leader in the transportation sector. This prestigious accoladedemonstrates the company’s ongoing efforts to prioritize safety as a core value.
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