MTO Advances ELD Mandate for June 2022 for Federally and Provincially Regulated Carriers

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) announced today regulations which mandate third-party certified electronic logging devices (ELD) for all carriers operating in Ontario by June 12, 2022.

MTO’s release indicates applying ELDs for all drivers and carriers who are required to maintain a logbook will provide consistency and help level the playing field, regardless of where the carrier operates. Both provincially and federally regulated carriers will be required to comply with this mandate.

If an ELD is required, the device used must be certified by an accredited third-party certification body and be posted in the list of certified ELDs on Transport Canada’s website. Transport Canada is responsible for publishing the list of certified ELDs and providing information on the certification process, as well as accrediting third-party certification bodies. Approved devices can be found on TC’s website as they become certified.

“OTA congratulates Minister Mulroney and the team at MTO for moving forward with this critical regulatory amendment, which will align MTO with Transport Canada’s efforts on ELDs, improve road safety and level the competitive playing field for all trucking companies operating in Ontario,” said Wendell Erb, OTA Chairperson.

OTA will continue to work with MTO, ELD vendors and industry stakeholders in the lead up to June 2022 on additional education and awareness initiatives to ensure all drivers and carriers have access to the information they need to make the successful transition to ELDs. In the meantime, carrier members with questions about the ELD mandate can email

For complete details of MTO’s announcement, including a detailed FAQ as well as vehicles that are exempt from the regulation, click here. OTA will also plan a series of educational outreach sessions for members over the coming months and keep them informed of all developments on this file.

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