REMINDER: MTO Accepting Extended Grandfathering Permit Applications for Non-spif, Multi-axle Semi-trailers

As announced in the fall of 2013, MTO committed to – at the request of OTA – regulatory changes granting a five-year extension to the transition period for most Phase 3 Safe, Productive and Infrastructure-Friendly (SPIF) vehicles.

SPIF Phase 3, which came into force in January 2006 as part of MTO’s 30-year strategy to move the trucking industry to SPIF vehicles, encompasses all non-dump multi-axle semi-trailers (4 or more axles) and double trailer combinations.   All such vehicles built prior to 2006 that are non-SPIF are automatically protected until Dec 31, 2015 and are eligible for extended grandfathering beyond this date depending on the age of the trailer.

The additional 5 years of grandfathering will kick-in after 2015 and allow qualifying non-tank trailers 20 years of age and under as well as tankers 25 years of age and under to be eligible for special permitting until they reach those ages respectively based on their year of manufacture.  The permits allow continued operation at existing weight allowances.  If permits are not acquired or when all grandfather protection is exhausted, these trailers may continue to operate, but at significantly reduced gross weight allowances.

Carriers with qualifying equipment can submit applications to MTO now by mail or fax (permit application forms linked below).  Permit fees per trailer are $400.

UPDATE: Permit fees starting Jan. 1, 2016 are now $440. New application forms available below

Non-Dump Semi-Trailer Application Fr_public

Non-Dump Semi-Trailer application En_public

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