Media Reports US Deadline to Impose Vaccine Mandate on Canadian Truck Drivers is January 22

Major media outlets in the United States are reporting that Canadian truck drivers crossing into the US will have to show proof of vaccination beginning January 22, 2022.  Although an official release has not been issued by Washington, the January 22 date would seem to coincide with the expiration of current US exemptions for Canadian truck drivers crossing, which end on January 21.

CTA continues to ask Washington and Ottawa to work with the Canadian/US trucking industry, as well as the major purchasers of cross-border truck transportation, to select an enforcement date that is far less disruptive to already fragile supply chain.

CTA estimates that between 10 to 20 per cent of the 120,000 Canadian truck drivers would be forced out of the $650 billion-dollar cross border supply chain and upwards of 40 per cent of the 40,000 US-based cross border drivers.

See below US media reports:

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