Let’s Keep National Trucking Momentum Going!

When I first proposed the idea of National Trucking Week  to the CTA board and the provincial associations back in 1998, I was hoping it would take root and become somewhat entrenched in the industry but I could never imagine the sort of momentum that would propel the nation-wide enthusiasm we’ve seen over the last 15 years. All across Canada, participation in employee appreciation events and public education and awareness initiatives during NTW continues to grow. But we can never forget that respect for our industry and especially for the hard-working men and women who drive our nation’s economy shouldn’t end after this post-Labour day celebration. Truth be told, I am sensing some real progress on that front.

NTW-ENG-2015The driver shortage is helping to focus all participants in the supply chain on the impact professional truck drivers and all the other people who support the movement of freight have on their businesses’ sustainability. I know for a fact that carriers and the more progressive of their customers are working in tandem to improve freight efficiency and productivity. There has never been such an intense focus on training, which will serve to further enhance the level professionalism. The industry’s image is improving accordingly.

The seeds have been planted and beginning to sprout. But like the concept of NTW itself many years ago, what we need now is some nourishment and momentum from the trucking industry and the supply chain in general. I know it can be done. In the meantime, enjoy National Trucking Week 2015. Don’t forget to remind your employees how much they are truly appreciated! And, don’t be afraid to let your friends and colleagues know how great an industry trucking is.


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