Is Winter Road Maintenance Improving? Let Us Know


OTA continues to receive complaints this winter from carrier members on recurring issues related to snow removal on roads, road closures and poor driving conditions.

Specifically, members point to the high level of snow accumulation before plows appear, salting/sanding not being done in a timely manner, the increasing number of road closures, and the lack of plows on the highways. These conditions are not only hazardous for truck transport, but have also jeopardized public safety.

For consecutive years, OTA and other road users, have brought forth these concerns to government. In January 2014, a number of contractors were fined for failure to live up to winter maintenance contract standards.  The OTA is committed to voicing these concerns and ensuring that failure to meet these standards is unacceptable.

The OTA is asking to hear from your company if you believe winter maintenance standards are not being met. Letting us know is easy, just  click here to fill out a quick survey or simply send an e-mail to lak.shoan@  outlining the stretch of highway you have concerns with; approximate location and direction of travel; date/time; and an explanation of what the issue is (snow/ice buildup, road closed/not enough plows).

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