Important Notice from Canadian Trucking Alliance on Essential Travel as Defined by the US Homeland Security


Effective midnight March 20, 2020 only essential traffic will be allowed to cross the Canada-US border. The US Department of Homeland Security have issued a Notification of Temporary Travel Restrictions Applicable to Land Ports of Entry and Ferries Service Between the United States and Canada’ regarding this matter and have defined essential travel.

Page four of the document states:

For the purposes of temporary alternation in certain designated ports of entry operations authorized under 19 U.S.C 13 18 (b) (1) (c) and (b)(2) travel through the land ports of entry and ferry terminals along with the United States-Canada border shall be limited to “essential travel,” which includes, but is not limited to:

Individuals engaged in lawful cross-border trade (e.g. truck drivers supporting the movement of cargo between the United States and Canada)

Included is a complete copy of the DHS Notice – 2020-06217-CBP_public – (please see page 4). It may be useful to keep a copy of this document in your trucks to avoid issues crossing the border with CBP officials. If your driver encounters any issues related to this matter at primary with US officials, i.e. trucks and truck drivers not being deemed essential, please have the driver show this memo and ask to speak with the supervisor on-duty.

Late this afternoon, both CTA and the American Trucking Associations have been given assurances by senior Homeland Security officials that all officers have once again received this directive. Your trucks and drivers are an essential service and should not be impacted by this notice. There are no commodity restrictions — all commodities on north-south bound trucks are deemed essential. Again, if you encounter an issue with a CBP officer on this matter please instruct your driver to speak with the supervisor on-duty.

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