COVID-19 Daily Bulletins: March 20


CBP Definition of “Essential” Shipments

CTA has been receiving many questions and concerns from members regarding their drivers having issues with U.S. customs officials moving shipments southbound, specifically with border officers saying their movement of trucks, or the goods being shipped are not “essential.” Many of these issues are being caused by CBP officers misinterpreting policies at the border.

Attached is a copy of CBP’s definition of what is considered an essential service, which includes the movement of goods (and trucks), as being permissible (please see page 4). It may be useful to keep a copy of this document in your trucks to avoid issues crossing the border with CBP officials. As frustrating as it may be, we assume that one-off issues will likely continue to occur.

CTA will again reach out to field operations staff at CBP HQ to address these recurring issues.

Click here: CBP-2020-06217_public

BCTA Releases Best Practices Doc

BCTA its own best practices for commercial drivers and business operations. This document was approved by BC’s Provincial Health Office.

Click here: BCTA COVID-19 Best Practices_public

Trucking HR Canada Releases Best Practices Doc

Trucking HR Canada has released a new resource, COV-19 Resource Guide for Trucking & Logistics Employers, to support trucking and logistics employers in navigating their response to COVID-19.

New Jersey Truck Driver Facilities

All rest areas are open on NJ and PA Turnpikes, CT rest areas — and All CT service plazas will remain open 24/7. NY rest areas also open.

For drivers along the NJ Interstate and not on Turnpike Quick Check and WaWa’s are open and a great option for drivers as many are located within less than a mile from the interstate. Rest rooms will be open. I contacted both companies. They would absolutely be pleased to service our drivers. Drivers can find locations at their websites and also download apps.

Special Hotel Rates for Truckers in Sarnia

Message from Holiday Inn Express Sarnia – Point Edward:

“During this time of growing uncertainty and anxiety it has become increasingly obvious how much Canadian rely on truck drivers to carry necessary supplies and day-to-day to vendors throughout Ontario. As a hotel that sits on the border of the United States and Canada we see the sheer volume of traffic these drivers provide and their stories. We wanted to reach out and advise we will offer special rates to drivers whom are at their hour limit or need a rest during this time. The Holiday Inn Express Sarnia – Point Edward understands we need to help take care of these vital workers. We are continuing to operate as a brand new hotel with a breakfast included in rates. Thank you for your consideration!

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