Help Deliver Driver Inc. Warning to the Supply Chain

The expansion of drivers and carriers operating within the underground economy through Driver Inc is a growing concern for the trucking industry. The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) and the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) have been leading the charge in Ottawa and Queen’s Park to rid the industry of the illegal scheme known as Driver Inc.

While government enforcement is key to forcing non-compliant drivers and companies into obeying the law, OTA is asking the industry to educate members in the supply chain about the growing challenges and dangers Driver Inc companies pose.

OTA has prepared a tip sheet for the supply chain that illustrates what Driver Inc is, how to identify potential Driver Inc participants, as well as possible associated business and liability risks of partnering with Driver Inc companies.

“This OTA document is intended to assist the supply chain in engaging an informed conversation about the impact of the illegal practice known as Driver Inc.,” said OTA President Stephen Laskowski. “Every member in the supply chain needs to understand how this practice is noncompliant from both a tax and labour perspective.”

To obtain a copy of the OTA document click here: OTA-DriverIncTipSheet_public.

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