Govt Urges Cross Border Drivers to Comply with ArriveCAN Requirements


Public Health officials continue to urge cross-border essential workers, including truck drivers, to download the ArriveCAN app to comply with the Quarantine, Isolation and other Obligations Order (QIO) regarding electronic information requirements when entering Canada .

Although Public Health Agency (PHAC) of Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) continue to allow cross-border truck drivers to make oral declarations for the time being in order to facilitate the movement of trade and allow those who do not have smart device technology to transition to the app, authorities are reminding the industry that the “education-first” policy is not permanent and the use of ArriveCAN “is strongly encouraged to prevent further delays at the border and support compliance.”

Additionally, as CBSA continues to accept verbal information at the border instead of automatically pursuing enforcement action (although enforcement still technically remains an option), “serious cases of non-compliance could result in referral to PHAC for follow-up, with a potential ticket or fine issued at PHAC’s discretion.”

CTA will be working with PHAC/CBSA on the appropriate timing to move on from verbal declarations to full ArriveCAN compliance, which could occur at any time.

To help drivers prepare for the end of the educational period and comply with the ArriveCAN policy, CTA has created a training and information package in EN and FR, which includes a step-by-step tutorial video, infographics and FAQ sheet. Click here.

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