Give Your Drivers a Say on Shipper Treatment

Two months since its launch, OTA’s Operation Upgrade campaign is starting to reveal how shipping facilities need to do a better job of removing waste from the system and how drivers value preferred shippers who provide an environment free of harassment when picking up freight.

OTA gathered several takeaways since the initial launch of the survey campaign –  which attempts to identify the strongest and weakest links in the supply chain by allowing drivers and carriers to assign scores to shippers and consignees based on treatment of truck drivers – and we’re looking for even more insight.

If you haven’t yet posted the campaign details in your driver rooms and asked drivers to participate, please do so. More involvement from drivers will help OTA determine the problem spots in the supply chain and privately work with shippers to improve their policies and processes. At the same time, we’d like to acknowledge positive driver-shipper relations between customers and drivers.

ALL survey information and responses from drivers will be kept 100% confidential.

Carriers, if you haven’t asked your drivers to take part yet, please CLICK HERE!

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