Feds Expand Options for Truckers in ArriveCan V2.5


Public Health authorities plan to release version 2.5 of the ArriveCan app on Tuesday, August 18, which will include an optional field for exempt travellers like cross-border truck drivers from adding their addresses if they voluntarily download and use the app.

Authorities emphasize this option will be optional and exempt travellers will still be able to move to the next screen even if they don’t enter their addresses.

While the app is voluntary for essential workers and commercial truck drivers, CTA is encouraging  drivers to download the app prior to arrival at a port of entry in order to reduce the need for exchange of information and ultimately prevent excessive border wait times and processing times.

As well, ArriveCan developers and communications staff continue to review feedback and look at ways to make the user experience more positive, and encouraging users to download the latest versions, where possible.

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