Deadline approaching for Education Foundation Scholarship Applications

Students and parents are encouraged to browse the OTA Education Foundation’s website ( to download application forms for Education Foundation scholarships. Students can apply for general university or college scholarships in the amounts of $1,500 and $1,000 respectively, to help them fund their tuition and other academic fees. 

 General applicants must meet all eligibility criteria, which includes having the application sponsored by an Ontario trucking or trucking services/supply company that employs or contracts a parent of the applicant. Students must submit their applications by the deadline of July 15 in order to be considered.

Students entering their first year of post-secondary directly from high school are eligible to apply for the J.O. Goodman, the Bud Barr, George P. Ledson, or the C.V. Hoar Awards. While the same application form can be used, there are additional requirements. Applicants are assessed on criteria which include academic achievement, service to community, and participation in extra-curricular activities. Winners for these awards are chosen by the Foundation’s Selection Committee.

The Scholarship Application Package for the 2021/2022 academic year contains complete information and instructions, along with all the necessary fillable forms for the general scholarships. 

Endowed Scholarships also available

Post-secondary students are also urged to take a look at the scholarship opportunities under the Foundation’s endowed scholarship program. These scholarships have been established by trucking and service supply companies through endowments that are managed by the Foundation, and reflect the priorities and values of the companies that established them. 

General scholarships (including the J.O. Goodman, Bud Barr, George P. Ledson, and C.V. Hoar awards) are funded by annual donations, which, in large part, come from Ontario trucking and allied trades companies. To download the application package or to make a donation, go to

Endowed scholarships are funded by the companies that established them. Recipients are chosen by the Foundation’s Selection Committee.

The OTA Education Foundation is a charitable institution devoted to the furtherance of education for Ontario post-secondary students. Established in 1958, the Foundation was founded with the goal of providing assistance to Ontario students with links to the Ontario   trucking industry, who have demonstrated a commitment to academic success, personal goals, and community service, regardless of their field of study.

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