CTA Releases COVID-19 Guidance-Tip Sheet for Members

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has answered calls from members to produce a living document cataloguing best practices, tips and resources for trucking companies as they attempt to continue their operations while battling the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past weeks a number of trucking companies have begun to review their internal polices to see what they can do to keep their workers safe as well as those of their partners in the supply chain.

The CTA document is a collection of measures carriers are undertaking, including considerations for office staff and safe management of truck drivers; recommendations for driver-shipper relations, and interactions at the Canada-U.S. border; as well as links to valuable government and expert stakeholder resources for combatting the spread of virus, employment policy and contingency planning.

“This document shows how unified the trucking industry really is and how we pull together in times of need. The goal was to provide a starting point for companies reviewing their policies and share how carriers are dealing with the crisis, what they are doing in their workplaces and managing drivers and staff and how they are dealing with business needs and certain anxieties of their customers in the supply chain,” said Jonathan Blackham, Director, Policy and Public Affairs.

The CTA document also contains a link to a dedicated CTA COVID-19 information page, where the Alliance posts daily news updates, notices and bulletins related to the crisis and its effect on the trucking industry. Carriers are encouraged to visit this site regularly for all the latest information.

In the appendix section, there are also ready-made templates for letters that can be sent to stakeholders and standardized policies that can be reviewed.

One prevailing theme continuously reported to CTA is how some members of the supply chain are treating drivers and restricting access to bathrooms or parking. One sample letter reminds customers to do what they can do provide facilities for drivers, while also remaining mindful of best practices like social distancing.

CTA intends this to be a living document and is encouraging member companies to share their experiences and best practices with CTA by contacting jonathan.blackham@cantruck.ca so that the document can be updated as the situation evolves. Future updates will be limited to CTA members only.

Click here for the guidance document: CTA-COVID-19-Resources-for-Carriers_public

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