CTA Recommendations on Cross-Border Supply Chain Improvements Highlighted in National Task Force Report

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is lauding the inclusion of multiple recommendations to various federal ministers by the Alliance, requesting them to act on multiple cross-border supply chain concerns.

The recommendations, which were recently highlighted in the National Supply Chain Task Force report, include measures to increase the efficiency of Canada-U.S. trade, protect our vital trade corridors, and improve border congestion and fluidity at border crossing points, including:

  • The reopening of Free and Secure Trade (FAST) enrolment centres and implementing an expedited approvals process. CTA continues to encourage both Canadian and U.S. officials to explore and implement options, such as the use of virtual technology, to further modernize this process;
  • Expanding Canada Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspections and services specifically for the processing of commercial goods. Recurring and lengthy delays related to CFIA inspections has remained an issue for fleets moving food/agricultural commodities; FAST
  • The protection of highway corridors, border crossings and gateways to ensure disruptions to the supply chain are mitigated as much as possible.

In addition to these items, CTA continues to work with the Government of Canada to review other measures to increase supply chain efficiency for Canada-U.S. operators, including the addition of staffing at high-volume ports of entry; making the U.S. in-transit program a permanent program open to all Canadian carriers; and other policy areas where Canada-U.S. policies can be harmonized to create greater efficiencies in cross-border goods movement.

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