CTA Pushes Scalability and Meal Allowance in Appearance Before Senate National Finance Committee

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is once again championing its message in Ottawa that the trucking industry would like to see changes to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) program and an increase in the meal allowance for truck drivers as a result of rising food prices during the COVID-19 crisis.

Speaking via teleconference to the Senate National Finance Committee, CTA president Stephen Laskowski reiterated the Alliance’s request the Government of Canada introduce the concept of scalability when the CEWS program is extended from June to August.

“Many trucking companies who are falling just under the 30-percent threshold for assistance are grappling with a major freight downturn, escalating empty miles and extended customer payment terms. The trucking industry is feeling a significant cash crunch,” said Laskowski. “CTA would encourage the Government of Canada to develop a sliding scale, matching revenue decreases to the level of CEWS support in an effort to assist the trucking industry and by extension the Canadian supply chain.”

CTA also reminded the Senate committee that a CTA-led coalition of trucking interests is asking the federal government to increase the meal allowance for drivers to help our highway heroes who are facing 50- to 80-percent increases in meal costs associated with the COVID-19 crisis.

“Long-haul truck drivers – the men and women who are moving Canada’s economy – rely on roadside service for many of their meals,” said Laskowski. “An adjustment in the meal allowance would be welcomed by the 300,000-plus long-haul truck drivers in Canada.”

Also appearing before the same committee today was the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, National Airlines Council and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture.

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