CTA: Discussions Around Removal of U.S. Border Restrictions Alongside COVID Emergency Measures Under Consideration

US President Biden recently announced the pending removal of COVID-19 public health emergency measures in the U.S. on May 11, 2023, signaling a possible end to pandemic conditions and a shift towards an endemic state. However, there has not yet been a clear U.S. Government message on the timing and removal of U.S. border vaccine restrictions.

CTA has continued to work with the American Trucking Associations (ATA), U.S. and Canadian officials and other stakeholder groups regarding the removal of border vaccine restrictions on non-U.S. citizens. This move would align with the Government of Canada which removed all COVID-19 related restrictions, including Canadian border vaccine requirements last October.

CTA recently wrote to the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, requesting support in removing U.S border restrictions, including the option of removing restrictions pertaining to cross-border truck drivers supporting Canada-U.S. trade. The Alliance also highlighted how this added capacity would assist U.S. businesses, state economies, and ensure supply chain resiliency in the face of economic turbulence.

The Alliance has also continued to echo the calls for the removal of the U.S. border vaccine restrictions by the Northern Border Caucus, members of U.S. Congress and other industry groups including the ATA that remain aligned on the necessity of removing the mandate as soon as possible.

CTA continues to work with officials and stakeholders on both sides of the border on this issue and will update members as further information becomes available.

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