CTA: CRA Report Clearly Shows Next Government Must Take Action on Tax Fraud & Driver Inc

With the writ set to be dropped, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is making all prospective candidates for Prime Minister aware they should prioritize CRA enforcement resources to combat non-compliance and fraud in the area of corporate tax filings.

This need for action was highlighted recently in CRA report entitled “Tax Gap and Compliance Results for the Federal Corporate Income Tax System”, which states the federal corporate income tax gap for tax year 2014 is estimated to be between $9.4 billion and $11.4 billion before considering any audit results. The Canadian Trucking Alliance conservatively estimates at least $1 billion of this lost tax revenue is the result of the Driver Inc. practice in trucking.

“If the next Government of Canada prioritizes business tax revenue leaks, it should start first by stamping out the growing practice of Driver Inc. in the trucking industry,” says Stephen Laskowski, president, the Canadian Trucking Alliance. “There are several large and small trucking fleets in Canada involved in this tax scam. And make no mistake about it, Driver Inc. is clearly a scam and not about a few companies being ignorant or misinformed about the law,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski.

CTA is also reminding members to take part its Call to Action campaign where members are being asked to write the leaders of all federal political parties to make the enforcement of Driver Inc. and other trucking issues, a top policy priority should they form the next government. To find out more about this campaign click here.

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