CTA Call to Action: Thank a Trucker and Lend a hand to Those Delivering for You

Are you proud of the extraordinary job Canada’s truck drivers are doing during the COVID-19 crisis? Are you a member of the public or a business who is grateful that your store shelves are being restocked with food and essential supplies because truck drivers continue to roll?

Don’t be shy – tell them how you feel on your social media platforms. Here’s what you can do: Share any of these imagesor record a short, heartfelt ‘thank you’ statement or tell a story on video. Upload the image or video to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with the hashtag #thankatrucker in your comments and please tag @Cantruck. Encourage others to do the same.

<< check out CTA chair Scott Smith’s message to our nation’s drivers here and NHL-St. Louis Blues goalie Jake Allen’s grateful encouragement here.>>

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Our nation’s truck drivers are listening and believe it or not, your kind words are blowing wind into their sails as they step up to help steer us through this crisis.

“Throughout history, Canadians have depended on truck drivers to support the country in times of need. Once again, they have answered the call,” says Marco Beghetto, VP, communications for the Canadian Trucking Alliance. “Thank you to all the women and men who are delivering food, emergency relief supplies vital medical and sanitation products we desperately need right now.

“As a society we enjoy an unparalleled level of security and certainty because of the sophistication and reliability of our modern supply chain. In large part, it is the professional driver that ultimately makes it happen.”

While words are important, there’s even more that you can do. As shippers, rest stops and restaurants across North America close certain access to facilities and food services, long-haul drivers – who are out on the highways delivering the vital products we need to combat the spread of this virus and keep our economy functioning – are finding themselves stuck without food and safe places to rest.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is strongly encouraging businesses to work with their carrier companies about providing things like portable washrooms and rest spaces and whatever food they can collect on-site. Members of the public who notice that food services at certain rest stops are out of order can also bring drivers something to eat. Food truck operators are also being asked to mobilize and visit rest areas wherever they can.

CTA can assure the public and supply chain that our members’ drivers are well educated and trained on proper hygiene and social distancing protocols and other best practices to keep themselves and the employees of their customers safe. CTA has issued the following COVID-19 Tip Sheet to the industry to share with the business community. Click here.

“While truck drivers are on the front-lines, literally pulling for Canada, they can’t do it alone,” says Beghetto. “We need to overcome this crisis together so if there’s any little bit you can do to help, the industry and truck drivers everywhere will be eternally grateful.”

Also be sure to check out CTA’s live Thank a Trucker page here.

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