CTA: ArriveCAN Uptake Remains Critical as Feds Consider Proof of Vaccination at Border

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) continues to work with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to boost electronic uptake of ArriveCAN within the industry.

As CTA recently reported, electronic uptake of ArriveCAN by commercial truck drivers (via the app or webpage) crossing the border into Canada was about 12 percent. Recent data obtained from the CBSA shows a stagnation of these numbers, with the potential for regression if greater awareness and increased compliance with the requirement is not improved moving forward.

CTA is again reminding the trucking industry that the requirement to use ArriveCAN remains in effect for all border crossers. Truck drivers who do not comply with the mandate at Canadian ports of entry may be issued significant fines by PHAC or other law enforcement organizations who have the ability to enforce the Quarantine Act. The verbal declaration to a Border Services Officer is only a temporary measure to allow the trucking industry to transition to the electronic ArriveCAN platform.

ArriveCan data can be submitted 72 hours in advance of cross border travel, allowing for greater flexibility in meeting this requirement.

The Government of Canada has also stated its intent to align with the European Union and other nations on the use of digital proof of vaccination to allow greater mobility for international travellers, while ensuring public health remains the top priority. Although the use of ArriveCAN to digitally store and present proof of vaccination has been mentioned by federal officials, no formal announcement has been made yet regarding the use of “vaccine passports” or its potential implications on travellers, such as truck drivers.

In order to assist companies in training their drivers to use the ArriveCAN app, CTA created a training package in both official languages which includes a tutorial video, infographic on how to use the app, and FAQ document.

The Government of Canada continues to explore methods to ensure compliance with ArriveCAN remains as seamless as possible. CTA will continue to update members on any changes to this policy and any future requirements as the information becomes available.


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