CTA Applauds CBSA for Addressing ACI Concerns

As previously reported by CTA, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) began issuing monetary penalties on Jan. 11 to carriers non-compliant with ACI eManifest requirements.

ACI eManifest has been mandatory for all trucks arriving at Canada’s border since July 2015.  The first notice of the mandate was issued in late May 2015 and since that day there has been a steady stream of carriers who have been frustrated, confused over misinformation.

It appeared as if things were not improving beyond the anticipated learning curve that comes with any new regulation. Despite earnest efforts by some in the agency to address the situation, there was little movement to expedite solutions.

Finally, at CTA’s insistence, a high level meeting held in the fall between CTA and CBSA senior staff demonstrated the extent of problems and issues. Since that meeting, we are happy to report concerns from members had been greatly reduced. However, with AMPS penalties set to be issued on January 11, CTA had been cautious to celebrate any improvements carriers said they were experiencing at the border.

It’s now been two full weeks since CBSA started issuing monetary penalties for non-compliance with ACI.  CTA is pleased that to date reports from members indicate increased cooperation from CBSA both at headquarters and BSO’s at the ports.

Members have recently noted an increased willingness to assist the carriers and drivers resulting in far less frustration, a sharp contrast to the experience of industry through summer 2015, and a testament to necessity for communication and cooperation between industry and government.


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