COVID-19 Daily Bulletins: March 19

Completing the ROE, EI Benefits

The Canadian Payroll Association has developed a comprehensive Q&A document designed to help employers navigate these uncertain times. This document has been shared with the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and is available to member companies. The document discusses the impact of COVID-19 in relation to payroll compliance and includes useful tips on topics such as completing the ROE, dealing with layoffs and navigating EI Benefits.

CTA would like to thank the CPA for sharing this document, which they have committed to keeping up to date as things developed.

Click here: PAYROLL AND COVID-19_public

More information from the government of Canada available here:


Group Health Announcement 

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has canvassed their endorsed Group Benefits provider, GroupHEALTH to obtain clarification on Out-of-Province / Out-of-Country Emergency Medical coverage for drivers travelling cross border. GroupHEALTH confirms that any Out-of-Province / Out-of-Country policy insured by SSQ through GroupHEALTH will provide coverage for Out-of-Province / Out-of-Country travel for truck drivers performing cross border services.

Truck drivers will be deemed an essential service under our policy and will be covered while driving cross border, including to the United States & Mexico. All other terms and conditions of your Out-of-Province / Out-of-Country coverage will be applicable, including any pre-existing conditions and stability clauses. Do not travel cross border if you are exhibiting any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus or have any other conditions that are not stable, in accordance with your policy coverage.

As this is a very fluid situation, this policy may be subject to change, but anyone travelling abroad prior to any policy change will be covered in accordance with the aforementioned terms and conditions. If you have any questions surrounding your coverage, please refer to your benefits card to contact your Travel Assistance Provider in advance of your cross border trip. Please note that every Group Insurance provider may have different terms and conditions; if your coverage is not insured by SSQ through GroupHEALTH, be sure check with your Group Benefits insurer. GroupHEALTH has provided permission for you to utilize the content of this email with your Insurer to validate and obtain similar conditions.


Atlantic Truck Stop Updates


  • All 5 of the Maine Turnpike Facilities are open for business.  They have fuel, food, and bathrooms.  The food is available but tables and chairs are remove and They do not have showers.
  • Gray Service Plaza is scheduled for shut down of fuel due to tank replacement next week.  Kennebunk may have fuel shut down for a few hours over the next day or two for systems upgrade.
  • DYSART TRUCK STOP that they are providing all services except the restaurant.  They are providing curbside meals, showers, and obviously fuel


Truck stop    Restaurant shower  drivers lounge fuel
ALL big Stops in NB, NS and NFLD take out with limited menu open open open
(with the exception of Digby no food )
 All big stops in PQ, ON and New England state  Take out only Open Closed Open
Petro Canada- Moncton take out 1 closed open
Petro Canada- Grand Falls take out 1 closed open
 Truck Stop Plus Edmundston Take out Open Open Open


VanPort Suspends Passes

In respecting the direction around social distancing, VFPA announced the decision to suspend all Port Pass related operations by VFPA and all other publishers as of Thursday, March 19th at 12pm noon. Port Passes expiring over the next six (6) weeks will be extended for 30 days beyond the expiry date in the CAMS system to enable continuation of port operations – this ‘system override’ action will only be performed by VFPA Security.  For the integrity of the CAMS system and for ease of business continuity; please do not for any reason make any changes in the CAMS system after tomorrow at noon.


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