CCMTA Provincial and Territorial Members Working Together to Support Trucking Industry During the COVID-19 Crisis 

The COVID-19 crisis may present challenges to the trucking industry in regard to the delivery of government services that support permits and licensing in this rapidly changing environment. The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators Provincial and Territorial members are working collaboratively to discuss and address potential factors that could disrupt services for the trucking industry.

“Trucks move the essential products that Canadians and Americans are all depending on. It is prudent to ensure that governments continue to support the safe and efficient movement of goods during this critical time.  Members of the CCMTA Board are taking these issues seriously and have held discussions regarding how best to address issues related to service disruptions,” said Doug MacEwen, CCMTA Chairman of the Board.

“CCMTA were pleased to be able to highlight to CTA that these discussions are taking place across the country and collectively all members are working to support a consistent approach where possible. In addition, CCMTA will be engaging regularly with our US counterparts to share and support working towards an aligned approach as best we can,” added MacEwen.

CCMTA has committed to the Canadian Trucking Alliance that regular dialogue will occur over the coming days/weeks to address potential issues as they arise.

“CTA would like to thank CCMTA Chair Doug MacEwen and Allison Fradette for their leadership and professionalism,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “It is through the efforts of CCMTA Provincial and Territorial members that trucks will continue to roll through the crisis, making sure our great industry and drivers serve this country uninterrupted. CCMTA’s proactive actions are eliminating some of that uncertainty created by the COVID-19 crisis.”

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