Carriers Needed for After the Bell Program Deliveries

In 2021, Trucks For Change, CTA and provincial trucking associations worked together to deliver 227 pallets to 51  food banks in support of Food Banks Canada’s (FBC) After-the-Bell program which provides nutritious summer food packs to children who typically rely on school breakfast and lunch programs from September to June. With the end of the school year approaching, After-the-Bell is ramping up for 2022 deliveries to Canadian food banks. Once again, we are working with provincial trucking associations to recruit as many carriers as we can to assist with these shipments under the mantra that many hands make light work.

We continue to encourage carriers to provide services on a pro-bono basis where there is operational alignment, particularly for low-volume LTL shipments. We have informed FBC that due to freight capacity limitations this year, for some shipments carriers may need to operate on a cost or cost-plus basis. Of course, for those shipments, discounted rates would be immensely appreciated, as FBC has a limited transportation budget.

OTA members’ assistance with providing transportation services for this year’s After-the-Bell shipments would be greatly appreciated. Trucking services are requested to move pallets:

  • From Brampton to 21 remaining local Ontario food banks;
  • From Brampton to 8 local Québec food banks;
  • From Brampton to one (1) food bank in Moncton, New Brunswick (2 shipment for a total of 48 pallets);

Carriers that can assist with this request as well as those who may have questions are urged to contact Betsy Sharples at Trucks For Change ( as soon as possible, as Food Banks Canada is targeting mid-late May and June for Ontario and Québec deliveries.

See background materials and delivery summaries here:

2022-05-09-ATB Summary for CTA-BRTF_public

2022-05-09-ATB Summary by Prov for OTA_public

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