Blue Water Bridge Temporarily Reinstating FAST Toll Lane

The Blue Water Bridge (BWB) will be temporarily reinstating the FAST Toll Lane at the Blue Water Bridge (BWB) for US bound traffic, effective January 8. This move is part of their commitment to enhance the crossing experience for commercial drivers who are part of the FAST (Free and Secure Trade) program.

The BWB will continue to service this lane provisionally until the commencement of the Second Blue Water Bridge Rehabilitation Project in May 2024.

The reinstatement of the FAST Toll Lane will be subject to traffic demands and staffing availability, ensuring optimal operation without fixed service times. Travelers will be advised to watch for overhead signs indicating when the lane is open, and they will urge all users to adhere to the designated lane usage. Those who misuse the FAST Toll Lane will be rerouted through the CBSA inspection area and directed to the back of the proper queue in a regular truck toll lane.

The official release from the Federal Bridge Corporation is available below for your reference.

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