Are You ELD Prepared?  

As the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) continues to prepare to enforce the ELD mandate starting in January 2023, additional outreach and awareness activities are currently taking shape.

Since mid-June MTO truck enforcement officers (TEOs) have been distributing information pamphlets at truck inspection stations across the province and MTO representatives have been busy presenting ELD information at numerous outreach sessions at industry events.

The pamphlet contains key information on the upcoming mandate for both drivers and carriers, including details on the 50-plus listed Transport Canada certified devices, associated penalties for non-compliance that kick in January 2023, and what trucking operations the mandate applies to. For a copy of the pamphlet, click here for EN MTO ELD Info Pamphlet EN_public and here for FR MTO ELD Info Pamphlet FR_public. MTO will continue to circulate this pamphlet in the lead-up to the enforcement date of January 2023.

In addition, OTA will be hosting a series of ELD webinars over the coming months with MTO – the first on August 16. Webinars will provide further updates to MTO’s plans for full enforcement starting in the New Year, including how inspections of ELDs will take place roadside and how Drivers/Carriers can prepare themselves. The webinars are free of charge and carriers are encouraged to register by clicking here.

OTA members are encouraged to review the ELD pamphlets and to register for the webinars. Additional ELD details and commentary will also be provided to the membership during scheduled Green Table Talks between now and the end of the year.

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